Nailsea Environmental & Archaeological Team

AGM – 22 April 2010 held at The Green Room, Church House, Silver Street, Nailsea at 19.30.

1 - Present: P Barclay, DA Sowdon, T Targett, B Brooks, M Lord, E Lewis, D Hodgson, B Irwin, P Thorogood, R Ivens, P Rampling, P Scott, T Smith, one other
2 - Apologies: None

3 - Chairman’s Report: Phil Barclay reported that it had been a difficult year with Vince Russett having had less time than in previous years, and then having to withdraw from Community Archaeology altogether. The poor weather in summer 2009 had not helped fieldwork. Despite this some progress had been made. PB invited interested members to meet at Pound Lane shortly to go through the method for carrying out the hedge survey of Nailsea. The idea was to train members to work in pairs on hedges around the town, starting with old hedges in the built-up area. PB had divided Nailsea into 9 areas and the pairs would then work as, and when, they were able, to cover the whole parish. When an area is completed PB will forward a copy of the results to North Somerset’s hedge officer. Some parts of Nailsea had already been covered by groups such as The Friends of Nowhere.

Dave Sowdon reported briefly on the problems of working without Vince Russett and the necessity to obtain the geophysics results from Vince to enable us to work out a future schedule. DAS outlined a future project which would involve the whole of Nailsea – inviting residents to bring in objects they may have found in their gardens or allotments for logging and identification. This would hopefully lead to identifying medieval and, hopefully, older areas of settlement on the ‘island’. There was a lot of planning to do and DAS would develop ideas before discussions with NEAT about how to proceed.
PB reminded members that the work on the Tithe Barn would start shortly and there might be an opportunity for NEAT involvement.

4 - Treasurer’s Report:
Dave Hodgson reported that finances were in a good state and accepted the Town Council’s cheque for £210 for the 2010/11 year from PB. There would be no expenditure on room hire in the rest of 2010 because we had managed to book a meeting room at the new fire station building which was free of charge. The first meeting there would be on 6 May, and the first Thursday of each month thereafter.
Regarding the cost of insurance, DH said that he would investigate cheaper alternatives. 
Proposal:   It was proposed to increase the subscription from £3 to £5 for the year 2010/11 with effect from the date of the AGM. This is to cover contingencies that may arise should we have to hire surveying equipment and to purchase new tapes and poles when necessary. Proposed: Dave Sowdon; Seconded: Dave Hodgson

Agreed unanimously.

5 - Election of Officers.  The following were elected unanimously for the year 2010/11:-                       Nominee                     Proposed                 Seconded

Chairman                       Dave Sowdon           Tony Targett               Phil Barclay 

Vice Chair                      Phil Barclay                Dave Sowdon            Tony Targett  

Hon Secretary              Tony Targett               Dave Sowdon            Dave Hodgson 

Hon Treasurer               Dave Hodgson          Mike Lord                   Eileen Lewis


The re-election of the Committee en-bloc proposed: Dave Sowdon; Seconded: Tony Targett.


Tony Targett then proposed that we elect a President of NEAT and nominated Phil Barclay; this was seconded by Dave Sowdon, and agreed unanimously.


6 – AOB: Peter Scott reported that he had met with Rod Lees, Tony Targett and Ian Morrell at Middle Engine Pit on 22 April. The Town Council were currently in discussion with North Somerset about transfer of responsibility for part of the Glassworks site, and Ian Morrell felt that a similar approach could be made to North Somerset with regard to Middle Engine. PS would contact Andrew Flint of Avon Industrial Buildings Trust who has the paperwork relating to the site, but this was not likely until the end of May.


The meeting ended at 20.00.


Peter Scott then introduced John Haynes of Banwell Caves Heritage Group, who gave a very interesting talk about the discovery of the Banwell caves and the recent renovation work in the area.


DAS 22.4.10